About Us
About See is an urban/non-urban project concieved by cm, cg, and ck. Commentary by A.Gilwit.

It's creation was to pay the public expression of respect to Invader, a Parisian Street artist. In an act to bring the game of space invaders to life and "invade" the entire world with his work, Invader pastes up characters from and inspired by the Space Invaders game, made up of small coloured square tiles that form a mosaic [wikipedia].

In the same spirit, See is a project who utilizes the use of small low-res graphics of classic video games not to provoke, but rather, to map a city with regards to significance, memory, spacial relevances, etc. Each piece is a modest reinsertion of newness, vibrance, vitality to an otherwise normalized or unvalued space -- sparks, accents, exclamation points.

See seeks to ask the question(s).. how/when can a space within an urban/non-urban context, claim identity and value? Does it have value at all? And how do these accents reshape/create/redefine relationships between people and people, place and place, and place and people?

The pieces themselves then hold a certian identity, a presence, a value. These become nodes within a city to certian individuals, giving a new yet reminiscent view of something we inhabit on a daily basis. The relationships that we take for granted between the body, object, and environment becomes less ambiguious through the act of making,finding locations, and installing each piece.

This project is open to everyone. Submit/Comment/Critique.

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